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New Daemon X Machina Trailer Shows Off Plenty of Gameplay Details

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Marvelous released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming Switch exclusive mech shooter, Daemon X Machina. The game is quickly nearing its official release date and we’re beginning to see plenty of new details and features about the game come to fruition.

Check out the new trailer for Daemon X Machina below:

The new action game looks to bring some incredibly hostile gameplay to a console which desperately needs a smooth and chaotic mech shooter. Marvelous also recently addressed a number of issues for the game via feedback from the community after playing the available demo on the eShop. With the number of trailers and gameplay footage shown off and the apparent dedication from the development team, it seems like Daemon X Machina is shaping up to be one of the highlights from the Switch console in 2019.

We can expect to get our hands on the full game once it release exclusively on the Switch on September 13, 2019.

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