New Content Revealed for Tekken 7 During Gamescom

New Content Revealed for Tekken 7 During Gamescom

It was announced today by leading interactive entertainment company BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, that during the Gamescom showcase, that fan favorite fighter Lee Chaolan returns together with his secret alter ego Violet  for the latest King of the Iron Fist Tournament Tekken 7!

Check out the Lee Chaolan/Violet trailer of Tekken 7, featuring some of the characters moveset:

“Lee Chaolan was adopted by  Heihachi Mishima, meant to be a rival to his son Kazuya. As Kazuya’s adopted brother, Lee was given the same education and upbringing fitting of the Mishima clan. After being expelled from the  Mishima Zaibatsu for reasons unknown, Lee founded  Violet Systems, a tech company specializing in development on humanoid robotics, and was quite successful.

Shortly after, the world became embroiled in conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu, headed by Heihachi Mishima, and the G Corporation, secretly controlled by Kazuya Mishima. As most of the world was cautiously watching and trying to decide which side would be most beneficial to support, Lee had his own plans, as he had nothing but extreme hatred for both Heihachi and Kazuya. One method he choose to exact his revenge on the father and son was to covertly support  Lars Alexandersson, who had turned on the Mishima Zaibatsu, but this was only the beginning of what he had in store for the Mishimas.

TEKKEN 7’s engaging  story mode is composed of  several  hours  of gameplay (including side stories that players can  unlock progressively). Not only can you play as the Mishimas in Story Mode, but there are other arcs that involve fighters outside of the Mishima clan, such as  Claudio Serafino, and his group of exorcists.

New screenshots have also been revealed, showing a  very young Kazuya fighting his father with more details to be revealed while experiencing the story of the game. Lastly a  new stage for Claudio  shows off the fantastic graphical quality of  TEKKEN 7.”

For more information on Tekken 7, visit its official website.

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