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Cassandra from Soul Calibur
Cassandra from Soul Calibur

New Content Revealed for SoulCalibur VI

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During this year’s Evo 2019 Tournament, Bandai Namco revealed tons of new content heading over to last year’s SoulCalibur VI release. The new content will hit the game as new DLC, including the start of the second Season Pass schedule and the return of a fan-favorite classic character, Cassandra.

Check out the new trailer for Cassandra and the new trailer for the Season Pass 2 below:

Bandai Namco revealed that the second season pass for the game will include four more fighters added to the roster, a new gameplay system along with the added customization options. While Cassandra is heading over to the game today (August 5, 2019) as the sixth DLC, we also learned of the guest character heading over to the game via the second Season Pass. SoulCalibur VI will cross over with Samurai Shodown and introduce the iconic samurai warrior Haohmaru as the second fighter to release in the Season Pass 2’s schedule.

SoulCalibur VI is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC with the Season Pass 2 coming soon.

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