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New Conan Exiles Screenshots Surface

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conan-exiles-logoNew Conan Exiles Screenshots Surface

In an effort to generate more interest in the recently announced Conan Exiles, Funcom has released some new screenshots of this work-in-progress title. These new stills show the game in a very primitive pre-alpha form. As you can see, there are no human characters present. However, the team has placed some animal models in one of the screens. Wild animals are said to have a big role in the game, as they will being to yield sustenance for survival. The last still shows what looks to be a structure; possibly part of a village.

The environments as shown here look very nice and organic, but it is too soon to see how this will fit into the big picture. To give interested gamers an inkling as to the open-world game’s intended gameplay possibilities the team has also published first in a series of development diaries. Here they talk about the exposition for Conan Exiles and go into a little bit of detail about the title’s goals and the ability to play on one’s own or with other survivors.

The team is also giving the player the agency to create structures and entire settlements. These systems were not shown in the video. Funcom also wants to show the history of the characters visually in terms of battles fought and wounds taken. Anytime your character is wounded and survives this ends up as a scar on your body. This also applies to any armor worn by the character that is damaged during fights. The developers really want to emphasize the idea of permanence and the harsh world of the established Conan universe.

One of the best pieces of information has to do with multiplayer component. Though you will be able to join up with others to build your empire, you will not be required to do so. Hopefully there is not a situation where the player is required to be online built into this game because this looks like it could be a great single player offline experience in its own right.

There is no release date for Conan Exiles at this time, but Funcom is pushing for spot on Steams’s Early Access service for this summer to give gamers a taste of this game in its unfinished form.

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