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New Armored Core Possibly In The Works
New Armored Core Possibly In The Works

New Armored Core Possibly In The Works – Rumor

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With the popularity that From Software has seen following the success of their challenging Dark Souls series, it is easy to forget that the company had a pretty successful albeit niche run prior to this. From Software. One of the biggest series that the studio was involved with was the mech-based action game Armored Core, which first premiered on PlayStation in 1997.

While the franchise did extremely well with a smaller market of fans, the breakout success of the Souls series caused all development to transition to games of that nature. That saw Armored Core V, and Armored Core: Verdict Day which were both released shortly after Dark Souls to be the last in the series to be produced. Fans of the series might have something to rejoice in, however, as new rumors suggest the series might be returning soon.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified on our end, therefore we cannot confirm this as factual.

The popular r/gamingleaksandrumors subreddit saw several images from a survey sent from From Software posted, suggesting that the studio is gearing up for a new Armored core. Along with this, the rumors have claimed that participants in the survey were shown gameplay for the title.

According to the survey the world the game will be set in is being created by Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki. Furthermore, according to people that have seen the game, the experience draws heavily from the Souls games, with boss battles that feel similar to From Softwares current style.

According to this same image, players can also expect to participate in long and short-ranged battles, something that the Armored Core games have been known for. This suggests that hopefully, the game will not be a complete departure from past iterations.

Armored Core, at least for myself personally, has always delivered more than its competitor franchises Gundam and MechWarriorWith the studio having grown tremendously since the previous title had been released, with more industry eyes on them, a return to the Armored Core universe could be amazing if handled correctly.

Sources- Reddit

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