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Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer
Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer

New Apex Legends Trailer Shows Off What’s To Come in Season 2

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Respawn Entertainment released a brand-new trailer for the online battle royale title, Apex Legend, giving fans a good look at some of the new features heading over to the game in the upcoming Season 2. New weapons, characters and species look to make for a wild time in the already chaotic multiplayer shooter.

Check out the new Season 2 trailer below:

While Respawn already laid a few details out about the upcoming season during EA Play 2019, there are a few new features added to the experience. With the introduction of the new character Wattson along with the reveal of the Titanfall 2 weapon the L-Star, players have also reported on seeing soaring dragon-like creatures dubbed “flyers” roaming the skies.

Along with a look at the “flyers” in the trailer, one more interesting, albeit terrifying, addition seems to be a hulking dinosaur like creature thundering across the map. This new addition certainly seems like it will add a brand-new distraction to the experience, pitting players against not only each other, but the environment as well.

Season 2 is set to hit Apex Legends on July 2, 2019.

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