Earlier this week a trademark in Europe appeared for what appears to be EA’s next Plants vs. Zombies installment, Battle for Neighborville. Now, it seems that leak was accurate as Twitter user Uncharted Scopes has leaked the announcement trailer for the game of the game of the same title. However, since the initial leak, EA appeared to have taken down the video. But in true leaker fashion, the video then resurfaced via YouTube.

Check out the announcement trailer via The PlayStation Brah below:

The game recently received a closed play test of the game to limited players and is expected to be officially revealed soon. We’re also anticipating the game to release sometime this year, though the trailer never revealed a release date nor did it reveal platforms.

Both Gamescom (August 20-24, 2019) and PAX West (August 30 – September 2, 2019) are upcoming events that could see EA officially announce the new title, and we’re hoping with the announcement will come a release date and, of course, platforms.

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