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Blue Protocol New Online RPG Announced
Blue Protocol New Online RPG Announced

New Action RPG ‘Blue Protocol’ For PC Announced By Bandai Namco

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Bandai Namco made an announcement today that will introduce a brand-new IP to the PC platform. The online action-RPG titled Blue Protocol has very little details other than including “overwhelming graphics along the lines of anime movies” and that it is being developed by an internal studio, Project Sky Blue.

The logo for the game was also revealed which included a short message which seems to be referring to the game itself:

“The world is on the brink of devastation, now is the time to unite.
March on with friends and strangers, and defeat foes beyond your might.
Travel through space and time, to change the future beyond this fight!”

From this little poem, it seems as though players will band together in online co-on gameplay and take on dangerous and seemingly strong foes “beyond your might”. The quote also seems to hint towards some sort of time traveling aspect in order to change certain outcomes. Maybe?

It’s all a little unclear as to what we’re getting with this new announcement. The game will use Unreal Engine 4 with more details set to arrive soon.

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