Neptunia Shooter Release Date Trailer

Neptunia Shooter Receives Release Date, First Trailer Revealed

A Hyperdimension Neptunia themed bullet-hell shooter was recently announced by Idea Factory Internation, and today we’ve received the first ever gameplay trailer. The retro stylings and intense shooting action portrayed in the Neptunia universe is something unique to the series which could potentially introduce a new audience to the world of Neptunia.

Check out the debut gameplay trailer for Neptunia Shooter below:

Along with the new trailer also comes an official release date for the game on Steam. The trailer goes on to describe the game with five different characters to swap between through six different shoot ’em up levels.

Players will start off the game as the series protagonist Neptune, but will recruit each Goddess boss character once defeated. the unique character swapping mid-game creates some strategy to the game which allows players to take advantage of each playable character’s unique bullet patterns.

Neptunia Shooter is slated for release on PC via Steam on May 21, 2019.

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