Nekuia is Available Now on Early Access

Nekuia is Available Now on Early Access

It was announced today by the french independent game studio, the release of its first title Nekuia, available now on Steam Early Access. Nekuia tells the journey of this spirit, who is hired by a strange entity to find and get back its lost soul from the depths of hell.

Check out the trailer of Nekuia, showcasing the games’ features:

“A unique platformer.

‘Nekuia’ is the first title of the young BLUE GATE game studio. It attempts to renew the platformers’ genre. The depth of the gameplay allows to cross the game peacefully or fastly thanks to the use of a unique jump mechanism. The player increases the power of his jumps by jumping fastly and can discover or rediscover the level designs to improve his times.

‘Nekuia’ rewards risk taking and is aimed at speedrunners who will distinguish themselves thanks to their jump skills.

The intensity of ‘Nekuia’ is increased by a light show which adds depth and makes use of the astonishing 2D environments. All of this blended with a dynamic musics system that adapts to the player’s style: calm or frenetic.

Early Access & Demo

Nekuia’s Early Access is now available on Steam. It contains the first three worlds and a tournament mode that compare players’ times on an exclusive weekly level. Added to this, a demo allows to understand the mechanisms of the game through the first nine levels. The full release is expected for November 2016 on PC, followed by PS4 and XBOX ONE releases at the end of the year.


BLUE GATE is a young indie game studio from the South of France, in the sunny city of Aix-en-Provence. Founded in 2016 by Maxime ALFOSEA after four years as Lead Game Designer in ROYALCACTUS, a casual games studio, he surrounded himself with talented artists to bring Nekuia to life: Jef CAIAZZO as Artist and Aurélien MONTERO as Sound Designer.”

For more information on Nekuia, visit its Steam page.

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