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Mystic Class Coming to Black Desert Online in January 2018

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Mystic Class Coming to Black Desert Online in January 2018

Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games announced today that the Mystic Class, the newest class coming to Black Desert Online, will Awaken on January 3, 2018. Begin the new year with a set of water-based skills as the Mystic gains the ability to channel the force of the ocean in combat. Also, the Christmas sales are starting today with package deals and in-game pearl shop discounts.

Check out the announcement trailer of the Mystic class in Black Desert Online, featuring some gameplay footage:

The Mystic Awakening

Having joined Black Desert Online’s roster last week, the Mystic is an agile fighter who specializes in fast-paced martial arts techniques. With the help of her Awakening Weapon, Cestus, her blows take on the power of rushing waters. Pierce through your enemies using Spiral Torpedo, pull your foes into an orb of water with Dragon’s Rip or send them flying with Tidal Burst.

Players can begin the Awakening Quest starting January 3 after regular maintenance if they have reached level 56 with the Mystic. 

Holiday Sales

From today, December 21 through January 4, take 50% off all Black Desert Online packages purchased through www.blackdesertonline.com and Steam. Be sure to take a look at the Pearl Shop for up to 40% off on selected items. Special seasonal items will be making a surprise comeback to the Pearl Shop during the holidays. Adventurers will receive a free Santa Hat with any Pearl Box purchase. Also, enjoy the Black Desert Online in-game holiday themed events in which players can earn epic loot.

About Kakao Games

Kakao Games is a leading online games publisher. Founded in 2015, Kakao Games is currently focused on publishing the critically acclaimed MMORPG Black Desert Online in North American and European markets.”

For more information on Black Desert Online, visit its official website.

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