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Move or Die
Move or Die

Move or Die “Toxic Update” Available July 6

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Move or Die “Toxic Update” Available July 6

Independent developers Those Awesome Guys wants to destroy friendships in Move or Die and make the victors enjoy all the spoils with the upcoming Toxic Update, where players can now communicate with each other using new chat and spam in-game emotes to ruthlessly taunt opponents! The free Toxic Update also adds game modes like the “Hoops” basketball mini-game, new playable characters, touchscreen compatible controls for Windows devices, and much more.

Check out the Toxic Update trailer of Move or Die on Youtube, showcasing all of the update’s key features:

“To prepare for the onslaught of chat insults, Move or Die is now available for the Steam Summer Sale price of $8.99, a whopping 40% off the standard retail price!

Dunk on your opponents with attitude

Available for $8.99 for a limited time during the Steam Summer Sale, Move or Die will have gamers battling each other in an ever-growing list of game modes. The Toxic Update adds to the friendship-destroying mayhem with seven insane character skins, three crazy game modes, rockin’ soundtrack packs, and a new in-game announcer – Stereotypical Russian Guy! Dasvidaniya comrade!

Expect the TOXIC Update to hit you in the face on the 6th of July!

Founded in 2012 by Nicolae Berbece, Those Awesome Guys is a one-man independent video game developer based in Romania that teams up with developers from around the world to create really awesome games. After releasing Concerned Joe, a 2D puzzle platformer Flash game that generated a small, but dedicated following, Nick decided to give the title a proper remake. And so was born Move or Die, an absurdly fast-paced multiplayer party game coming out in January on Steam.

For more information on Move or Die, please visit its Steam page.


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