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Last of Us Pt II Finished Cienmatic Shooting
Last of Us Pt II Finished Cienmatic Shooting

More Teases From Druckmann On Last of Us Pt. II Progress

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Earlier in the week fans were teased by Naughty Dog Game Director Neil Druckmann regarding the finishing of shooting the ending scene for their upcoming title, Last of Us Part II. Another teasing tweet came from the director as he points out that they’ve finished shooting the parts for both Ellie and Joel, along with a few other promising leads on where the game currently stands within development.

The tweet also states that they’ve also finished shooting the “most ambitious cinematic shoot we’ve ever done”, as well as another tweet from Naughty Dog declares that they’re moving forward as they’re officially finished with all planned cinematic shoots from the game. Progress is indeed being made, and it hopefully won’t be too long before we hear some exciting release details regarding Naughty Dog’s most desired game in quite a long time, if not ever.

The news keep coming from a studio many fans have been eager to hear from, so it’s nice the studio is beginning to pull back the curtains a bit on Last of Us Part II. Stay tuned for any more details or news drops in the world of Naughty Dog.

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