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More Resident Evil Remakes Details Seemingly Leaked

More details for Resident Evil 9 from seemingly reliable German leaker Andi from Screenfire Germany were revealed in a video. According to the leaker who previously cited a Capcom employee, Resident Evil 9 began development as a multiplayer game in 2016/2017, but was restarted at the end of 2018, where multiplayer was scrapped. Additionally, the leaker alleges that there will be little to no cut content for upcoming remakes due to a higher development budget. Whatsmore, a Resident Evil 1 Remake is being discussed, but is not currently in development. A Resident Evil 0 Remake has also been in development since 2023, and will have online co-op functionality. Additionally, the highly rumored Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake has been in development for 18 months, and will have a changed opening sequence. Lastly, Resident Evil Revelations 3 was allegedly in development as a Nintendo Switch exclusive starring Rebecca Chambers, but that was apparently canceled. It’s worth noting none of these claims have been confirmed by Capcom.

The full details of gathered by Reddit user DampRevil:


-Resident Evil 9 began development as a multiplayer game in 2016/2017. The development was restarted at the end of 2018, and multiplayer was abandoned.

-Leon is the main character of the game.

-Jill will support him as a coop partner, similiar to what Sheva was to Chris in Resident Evil 5.

-Last year in August, Andi received information that Jill could potentially be cut as a coop partner.

-Resident Evil 9 will release in the first quarter of 2025.



-Little to no cut content for upcoming Remakes due to higher budgets than Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake.

-Resident Evil 1 Reremake is being discussed, but not in development at the moment.

-Capcom USA has a say in creative decisions.

-Resident Evil 5 Remake is a hot topic. Capcom USA has concerns about the racism controvery. Capcom Japan is less concerned about this. Capcom wants to remake Resident Evil 5, but is unsure about how and when.

-Ashley Graham’s Popstar outfit was removed from the Resident Evil 4 Remake because Capcom USA considered it too revealing. It was removed shortly before launch.

-A call was put out for a producer and director for Resident Evil 6 Remake, but no one was interested.

-No more content for Resident Evil 3 Remake. The game sold well enough, and Capcom won’t revisit it.

-Resident Evil Revelations 1 Remake has been discussed at Capcom. Andi doesn’t know the outcome.



-Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake has been in development for 18 months.

-Hirabayashi is working on it.

-Next game to release after Resident Evil 9.

-Opening sequence has been changed. Claire visits Umbrella HQ in Paris with a group of tourists and sneaks off to steal information. She gets caught and sent to Rockford Island. This section is, allegedly, playable. This replaces the helicopter opening.

-Steve is more likeable.

-Rodrigo’s role has been expanded, similar to Luis in RE4R.

-Claire now fights Alexia.

-Chris fights Wesker.



-Resident Evil 0 Remake has been in development at M2 since 2023.

-Partner Zapping System returns.

-The game will have online coop.



-Resident Evil Revelations 3 was in development as a Nintendo Switch exclusive starring Rebecca Chambers. Andi has heard that the game was cancelled.

-Resident Evil HANK was never a Hunk game. Andi doesn’t know what happened to this game.

-Resident Evil Outrage was a Wesker game. Andi is not sure what it looked like exactly. It was cancelled because the quality was too low.

-This one is supposed to be taken with a massive grain of salt, according to Andi. Unconfirmed rumors have stated that the 2011 tsunami in Japan flooded offices, and files for Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, and Outbreak were lost. This is why there won’t be a Remaster Collection unless Capcom decides to use AI in the future.



-No Dino Crisis Remake in development as of August 2023.

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