Grand Theft Auto VI

More Grand Theft Auto VI Map and Release Date Details Have Seemingly Been Leaked

New footage from Grand Theft Auto VI has been leaked online just days prior to the official release of the game’s first trailer. The alleged leaked video which shows a top view of a district from the upcoming game, is claimed to have been leaked by a friend of the son of Aaron Garbut, the head of development and co-studio head at Rockstar North. The video was released via a TikTok post which has since been taken down. Additionally, the leaker also shared several new details about the upcoming game. They claim that the map is twice as large as that of GTA V, includes three major cities and four sub-cites, and that the game has a large lake in the middle of its map. Additionally, the leaker claims that pre-orders will go live after the trailer launches and that the game will launch sometime in fall 2024. As none of these claims have yet to be confirmed by Rockstar, it’s best to take them with a grain of salt. The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI will be released on December 5.

The full message about the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer via Sam Houser:

Next month marks the 25th anniversary of Rockstar Games.

Thanks to the incredible support of our players worldwide, we have had the opportunity to create games we are truly passionate about—without you, none of this would be possible, and we are so grateful to all of you for sharing this journey with us.

In 1998, Rockstar Games was founded on the idea that video games could come to be as essential to culture as any other form of entertainment, and we hope that we have created games you love in our efforts to be part of that evolution.

We are very excited to let you know that in early December, we will release the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto. We look forward to many more years of sharing these experiences with all of you.

Thank you,
Sam Houser

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