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Yakuza New Title Details
Yakuza New Title Details

More Details Surface On Next Yakuza Title

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In an exclusive interview with IGN Japan, Yakuza Director Daisuke Sato gives fans some revealing tid-bits of information regarding the currently unnamed next in line Yakuza entry.

While we know the next title in development will feature a new protagonist in Kasuga Ichiban, along with a female character who will act as one of his allies. Sato also explains how the team intends to create a character in Ichiban that will help continue his story into well beyond his initial mainline debut.

There’s already been plenty of info dropped recently in regards to this in-development Yakuza title, specifically with Sega holding open auditions for the role of the mysterious female ally, as well as the Yakuza team’s intentions of creating a new likeable protagonist in Ichiban.

We also learn a bit about Ichiban’s backstory and how it compares to original Yakuza protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu. While both orphaned, Ichiban has had a significantly worse-off upbringing, having to fend for himself at the bottom of the totem pole, rather than starting near the top like Kiryu.

With a new title in line for the series, and the series spin-off Judgment sitting with a June release – it seems there’s still plenty of story to cover within the strange and wonderful world of Sega’s budding franchise. Both Judgment and the next title int he series are PS4 exclusive titles.

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Source: Twinfinite via IGN Japan

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