Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 3 Launches November 24

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s upcoming Title Update 3 expansion will launch on November 24. The update includes new monsters, anomaly research quests, risen elder dragons, new layered weapons, events quests, and more. A new trailer for the update was also revealed. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

The full details of the update via the official website can be seen below:

New Monsters – New Risen elder dragons and a powered-up monster make their appearance! Make sure you’re suitably prepared!

Chaotic Gore Magala

Risen Teostra

Risen Kushala Daora

Anomaly Research Quests – New monsters, including Risen Kushala Daora! A7★ quests are now available! Anomaly Investigations now go up to Lv. 200! New features for Qurious Crafting!

Anomaly Investigations – These are quests where the play conditions, such as the target monster, the locale, and the number of players are randomly determined. Complete these quests to earn points required to level up the Anomaly Research Lab, and special materials that allow for new upgrades to your weapons and armor. As a new feature, you can now also lower the level of the quests you possess.

Risen Elder Dragons – Risen Elder Dragons Elder dragons that have fully overcome the affliction caused by the Anomaly, creating a symbiotic relationship with the Qurio. Their “risen” state poses an even greater danger than when they were still under the influence of the affliction. When their anger reaches its peak, each elder dragon gains its own unique and extraordinary powers, becoming even more fearsome than before. Stay on the offensive to prevent them from entering this state or to knock them out of it.

New Layered Weapons – We’ve added the Stuffed Monster Series of 14 layered weapons! Pick your favorite weapon design to spice up your hunting life!

Paid Downloadable Content – A variety of paid downloadable content has been added, including the Stuffed Monster Series of 14 layered weapons!

Event Quests – Complete Event Quests to gain special rewards!

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