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Monster Hunter Rise Royal Ludroth
Monster Hunter Rise Royal Ludroth

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Royal Ludroth

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In the three star quest Spongy Oasis, hunters are tasked with tracking down and defeating royalty. It’s fitting, then, that this serves as the introduction to the water-based leviathan Royal Ludroth.

What to Expect 

Royal Ludroth will always be drawn to water, as its mane stores water to keep the beast from dehydration. Bearing this information in mind, make sure you grab a Stinkmink and use it to lure Ludroth away from sources of water, which enhance Ludroth’s attacks. As Royal Ludroth relies on side rolls and rushing attacks, be prepared to roll, run, and jump out of harm’s way. 


Royal Ludroth has an innate weakness to Fire, with lesser vulnerability to Ice, Dragon, and Electricity. If you are planning on using aliments on Royal Ludroth, we recommend relying on Blast and Fireblight. Any other ailment will not be helpful during the fight. When targeting Royal Ludroth, make sure to aim for its water mane and tail, as these will all increase damage against the beast. 

Royal Ludroth Stats


Royal Ludroth is a bit different from other monsters we have written about to date. Most of the monsters discussed have telegraphed their attack patterns and special moves. Royal Ludroth, on the other hand, employs physical attacks that are more random in nature.

Royal Ludroth will charge and perform a leaping charge if you are directly in front of it. However, if behind Royal Ludroth, you will succumb to its tail swipe. If you and your fellow hunters decide to attack on all sides, be prepared for Royal Ludroth to roll and spin its way to freedom. 

The best advice we can give here is to treat this fight like a bullfight – take your time to evade and strike only when the moment is right.   

Water Bombs 

Royal Ludroth has two variations of the water bomb attack. The first type of water bomb will be shot in front of Royal Ludroth and is easy to evade by side stepping. The second variant, however, is a little tricker as it involves Royal Ludroth spitting out three bombs in random directions. 

Keep an eye on Royal Ludroth’s mouth, as you can see which direction the water bombs are going and avoid them accordingly. The bombs inflict Waterblight, which will slow down stamina recovery, but you can use a Nulberry to counter this.

Range VS Melee 

Range players will have an easier time fighting Royal Ludroth as its physical attacks are mostly kept to a close range. That being said, Royal Ludroth will shoot its water bombs at you often. If you are hit, Royal Ludroth will lunge and trap you at a close range. To counteract this, make sure to pick up an extra Wirebug so you can zip out of the way. 

As stated earlier, melee hunters will want to take a more cautious approach, watching and waiting to strike. We found that Royal Ludroth’s rolling attack is rather unpredictable; it will switch directions on a dime with no real tell. If you are a melee hunter, you should pack an extra Wirebug and several traps, as these will help you get some free hits in while Ludroth is stunned.

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