Monster Hunter Generations “Prowler” Trailer

Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations “Prowler” Trailer

Capcom and Nintendo released a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter Generations, which shows off one of the features of the game that sets it apart from its predecessors: the ability to play as a Felyne in the all new Prowler mode. Previously only available to hunters as companions known as Palicoes, these feisty furry friends can now be directly controlled by the player as they set out on their hunting quests.

Watch the Prowler trailer:

Aside from being irresistibly cute, playing as a Felyne is a purr-fect introduction to Monster Hunter as a whole, as it gives players the chance to not only take on all Hunter quests in Prowler form, but to get their claws into a whole new set of additional Prowler-specific quests too. Prowler Mode features a streamlined set of game mechanics, making bug-catching, fish-reeling and ore-mining simpler than ever, and serving as a welcome introduction to hunting for beginners. With more plentiful materials on offer, forging and upgrading armour and weapons for your Prowler also becomes that little bit more accessible.

Simplifying the gameplay even further, Prowlers don’t require as many items on quests as hunters do. For example, as they have no limit to their stamina, they don’t need to pawse their hunting to enjoy a barbequed steak to replenish their stamina gauge. They can also instantly restore health by chowing down on an acorn, so they don’t need to carry any potions. Prowlers can take up to two Palicoes with them when playing in single player, and craft specific armour and equipment for them. Best of all, the whole game can be played in Prowler mode if players like.

A perfect combination of adorable and entertaining, Prowler mode provides a whole new perspective of gameplay for veteran hunters, with new and exciting skills to pull off, and provides a brilliant foundation for new players.


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