Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations Gameplay at E3 2016


Monster Hunter Generations Gameplay at E3 2016

Today at the Nintendo E3 2016 Livestream, a gameplay of Monster Hunter Generations with producers Ryozo Tsujimoto and Shintaro Kojima, where with Shigeru Miyamoto and Tristan were playing an arena mission against one of the new Monsters coming to Monster Hunter Generations, featuring both Hunter and Palico gameplay mechanics.

In the conference it was also revealed the release date of the demo of Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo eShop, the Save Data transfer bonus, and a brand new trailer.

Check out the new trailer showcasing on of the great additions coming to Monster Hunter Generations: Deviant Monsters!

These Monsters attacks differ from their normal counterparts, being more evolved and having new behaviors. The trailer above features the  all-new Thunderlord Zinogre, Dreadking Rathalos, Silverwind Nargacuga and Grimclaw Tigrex. But these aren’t the only deviant monsters in the game, so you can look forward to encounter more Monsters like them in the full game.

Check out the demonstration of Monster Hunter Generations being played at Nintendo E3 livestream:

“As you know, MHGen comes out in a month—July 15—, but we wanted to let you start warming up and getting used to the awesome new mechanics (Styles, Hunter Arts, Prowler mode, etc.) in the game. Enter the Monster Hunter Generations Special Demo, coming to the Nintendo eShop on June 30!

This demo will offer you 3 main quests (Hunt a Great Maccao, Hunt a Malfestio, Hunt a Nargacuga) that you can take on either solo or co-op (local or online!), along with a selection of basic tutorials for newcomers. It also features all 14 weapon types x 4 Hunting Styles and Prowler mode.

After some quick math, we get a total of 57 different ways to hunt in this demo, and that’s not even factoring your friends’ weapon and Style choices or the quest! And to encourage you to try as many options as possible, we’ve removed the cap on how many times you can play the demo, hence the “Special” in the title; so have at it!


1. Starting now, you may receive an email from Nintendo; it would be the one associated with your NNID (Nintendo Network ID);

2. That email will contain 2 download codes that can be redeemed on the Nintendo eShop. When in doubt, click the “HOW TO REDEEM” button in that email.

3. Connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Internet, go to the eShop and download your demo!

4. Since you don’t actually need both codes, share one with a friend! =)

Additionally, the MHGen demo is part of the Humble Bundle E3 2016 Digital Ticket, so you can get it (and a bunch of other cool stuff) while helping charity. Win-win-win! Click here for more details.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data transfer bonus

Start your MHGen journey with an assortment of useful items and this exclusive Baby Tigrex armor set for your Felynes, if you have MH4U save data on your Nintendo 3DS. It’s a super cute rendition of the Tigrex based on the Japanese release Poka Poka Airu Mura DX, and you can only get it by having MH4U data on your system.

MH4U eShop Sale

If you don’t have MH4U—first of all, how dare you?! It’s a fantastic game—you can actually get it right now for just $19.99 (33% off the regular price) on the North American eShop! The offer is valid until June 21 but I’d just get it ASAP if I were you… in case you forget to get it later, you know.”

Source: [Capcom-Unity]

For more information on Monster Hunter Generations, visit its official website.



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