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Modern Warfare artwork
Modern Warfare artwork

Modern Warfare Receives New Special Ops Briefing

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Activision has released a new briefing for a classical Special Operation: Pitch Black in Modern Warfare, providing insight on the Special Op’s map and objective.

In Pitch Black, players will team up to “infiltrate the former estate of Gen. Barkov and gather important intel to further bring down Al-Qatala forces.” During the mission, gamers will be tasked with combatting some of General Barkov’s disavowed soldiers who have taken over the estate and are using it as a headquarters from which to “strike out of the shadows once their strength has been renewed.”

Unlike players’ visit to the estate during the main Modern Warfare campaign, however, the cover of darkness will not be an ally. Enemies are wearing Night Vision Goggles, rendering players unable to hide in the shadows. Thus, gamers will need to use teamwork and fight hard to acquire the intel needed to complete the mission.

Players “will roll in on a Tactical Rover and capture important intel from various places around the complex.” There are four laptops that need to be retrieved. Once acquired, squads must return them to the Tactical Rover and escape before enemy forces overwhelm them.

Moreover, as a Classic Special Op, Pitch Black limits the types of weapons and equipment pieces available for gamers’ loadouts. The following weapons can be used:

  • Assault Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Submachine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Riot Shield

In addition, the following equipment pieces are available:

  • Frag Grenades
  • Snapshot Grenades
  • Flash Grenades
  • Stim

Furthermore, Activision provided additional quick tips to get players started in Pitch Black:

  • “Search around the various buildings for stashes of [Molotov Cocktails].
  • Claymores are littered across the estate. “Be careful when going through entryways to buildings and rooms, and when in doubt, throw a safety grenade to explode them prematurely.”
  • “Driving [the Tactical Rover] closer to where intel pieces are will save time in retrieving them.”
  • “The Tactical Rover ca fling enemies across the map if it runs over them.”

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