Minecraft Dungeons Artwork

Minecraft Dungeons Coming in April 2020

Revealed on the first day of X019, Minecraft Dungeons will be coming to Windows and Xbox in April 2020.

A standalone expansion to Mojang and Microsoft’s Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons will feature procedurally generated dungeons. In addition, the game does not have “classes.” Rather, all characters can equip anything they find, and their gear determines their “class.” This means gamers can change their character’s abilities and utilities at will by switching to different pieces of gear.

Moreover, Minecraft Dungeons will automatically determine difficulty based on the player’s gear quality.

The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass and will be the first standalone game developed by Mojang in the Minecraft universe since the original Minecraft.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Markus Persson and released by Mojang for Microsoft Windows in 2011. The game allows players to build structures and other objects using different types of blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world. Players can also engage in resource gathering, crafting, exploration, and combat.

A console version of Minecraft was released for Xbox 360 in 2012 and was developed by 4J Studios. Minecraft became the center title for an Xbox Live promotion in 2012 called “Arcade NEXT.” The 360 version implemented some changes from that of Windows, such as a new crafting system, a different control interface, in-game tutorials, split-screen multiplayer, and Xbox Live utilization.

Mojang is a Swedish video game developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is a subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios and was founded in 2009 as Mojang Specifications. Mojang Specifications became Mojang in 2010. Mojang also developed the 2014 digital card game Caller’s Bane and the 2016 turn-based strategy game Crown and Council.

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