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Mech from Metal Chaos XD
Mech from Metal Chaos XD

Metal Wolf Chaos: XD Releases Animated Launch Trailer

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Metal Wolf Chaos: XD Releases Animated Launch Trailer

Metal Wolf Chaos XD, the game where you play as the 47th President of the United States, will release tomorrow. Devolver Digital is celebrating the impending release with a brand new animated trailer.

The trailer features the reimagined introduction from the original MWC, redubbed and everything. After announcing that America should be free, a coup led by Vice President, Richard Hawk comes to stop Wilson’s Presidency after taking over most of America.

This is for sure one of FromSoftware’s most bizarre game’s they’ve ever made that never really made it in America. Well since Devolver Digital is publishing the game, Americans will finally be able to witness what being a president is like from FromSoft’s perspective. Hopefully you too will be able to party as hard as President Wilson does.

For more news regarding Metal Wolf Chaos’ release, check out our covering here.

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