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Memento is Available Now

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Memento is Available Now

From the award-winning indie studio, Labo Game Studio, comes Memento, an action horror adventure game with multiple endings and a true JRPG style.

Things go wrong for the heroine during her school trip to a war museum on a nearby island as she wakes up in an alternative setting where the island has never shaken itself free from its scars.

Check out the PLAYISM trailer of Memento, featuring some gameplay footage with the story for the game:

“Now the haunted war machines are back, with a thirst for blood and revenge.

Ever since the war ended, the island has been slowly re-consumed by nature.
Try as we might to keep our regrets in our memories, the choices and events of the past don’t just disappear.

Having been sucked into an alternate world where the relics of war are now living, breathing creatures, our heroine must get around these monsters and, along with her companion, find a way back to their world…


  • A fully panned out script with rich characters and multiple endings
  • Detailed pixel art drawn from 3D rending that helps create a well made mix of immersion and presence.
  • Music composed using the next generation virtual sound instrument, Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, enhancing the atmosphere.

The concept of this game is “experience of sympathy.

What makes a game resonate with players?
What makes a game heartfelt?

In pursuit of these goals LaboGameStudio weaves within its games touching characters, detailed graphics, beautiful music, and climactic stories into a deep memorable experience.

As the indie scene in Japan starts to explode, LaboGameStudio strives to make games that standout and really make you think “This game was definitely worth playing”.
The studio strives to create more and more games that will hopefully embed such a lasting impression on their players.

Title: Memento
Price: $5.98 ($5.38 during launch sale)
Developer: Labo Game Studio
Publisher: PLAYISM
Release Date: July 8th, 2016″

For more information on Memento, visit its Steam page.

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