Dreams Early Access Release Date

Media Molecule Announces Dreams Early Access, Arriving Next Month

After what many would call a successful closed beta to end 2018/start 2019, Media Molecule has officially announced the release date for Dreams…Early Access, that is. For all of those would-be curators out their waiting to get their hands on the ambitious creation kit featured in Dreams, you’ll be able to jump in with your ideas starting next month.

Along with the announcement also comes a flashy new video showcasing what will be available to Early Access purchasers. Check out the new video below:

While users won’t get the full access of Dreams, they will get the entire list of creation tools to create with. Story mode will be the big piece of Dreams that will remain absent from Early Access, but curators will still have plenty of options to toy around with for endless hours.

While Media Molecule is preparing for a launch of their Creator Early Access, there is stated to be limited space. However, they also claim that that particular limitation is a massive one, but for those who are positively looking forward to diving into Dreams it’d be safest to make the leap as early as possible. And the earliest is on Dreams’ official Early Access release date, April 16, 2019.

There’s a list of questions answered by Media Molecule which you can find here, but much of it can be summed up as an Early Access purchase of $29.99 which will grant users full access to the game’s creation tools, as well as access to the full game once it launches. However, there’s currently no release date for the entire game of Dreams.

Stay tuned for more coverage on Dreams and keep your eyes peeled for plenty of user-created content to start hitting the web once the Early Access stage hits as there is no NDA in place for Dreams’ Early Access, unlike the closed beta.

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Source: PlayStation Blog


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