MechWarrior 5

MechWarrior 5 Coming To PlayStation Consoles

Playstation fans have not been able to jump into the universe of BattleTech since MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat was released on the original PlayStation back in 1995. After a long wait, that drought is finally going to end as Piranha Games‘ latest installment in the series MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is set to boot up on the PlayStation 5 and Playstation 4 this month!

This news was posted to the PlayStation Blog today, giving all would be mech pilots on PlayStation consoles only a few weeks to get prepped. For fans looking to get the most out of the game, it will feature a day one release for its Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC as well. This DLC can be played even if you don’t own it as long as the host of your game owns it. The game will also feature full crossplay support.

For those that are not familiar with the MechWarrior franchise, Senior Community Manager Daeron Katz outlines the story as such:

[…]The year is 3015 and humanity has colonized thousands of systems across space. The battlefields of the future are dominated by MechWarriors (that’s you!), elite mercenaries for hire who pilot gigantic engines of war known as BattleMechs. As the leader of a growing mercenary company, it’ll be up to you to take on assignments from various factions across the universe — and expand your team of MechWarriors and BattleMechs over the course of the game.

The trailer, although short, showcases the fast-paced mech battles as well as the destructible environments. If you are a PlayStation player that has been waiting for the franchise to return to your console, you can prepare to take the cockpit in both the main game and its DLC expansion on September 23.

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