Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Releases on Nintendo Switch on December 21st

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Releases on Nintendo Switch on December 21st

Stage Clear Studios and Flashbulb Games announced that their acclaimed platformer with physics-based puzzles set in an scandinavian-inspired fantasy world, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, arrives to Nintendo Switch on December 21st.

Check out the Nintendo switch trailer of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Embark on an amazing journey to rescue your little brother in an endearing and action-packed adventure with the unvaluable help of your Magic Marker.

The game can be already found at the  American Nintendo eShop will be available soon in the European regions.

Stage Clear Studios plans to release a demo in the upcoming weeks.


When Max wishes for his annoying little brother, Felix, to be whisked away by unknown evil forces, he gets more than he bargained for. Armed only with a magic marker and a hope of undoing what he has just done, he sets out on a perilous journey across deserts, eerie lantern-lit bogs, ancient temples and lush green forests to get his younger sibling back. Fortunately, the Magic Marker has the power to bend the elements and create magic objects that can help him on his quest. Join Max on the greatest adventure of his life!

Reception of previous versions and Nintendo Switch improvements:

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood has been widely acclaimed by critics and players on its versions for PC and XBOX One. This Nintendo Switch version has a new touch-based control scheme that will let the player to directly draw on screen, improving the precision and agility of the gameplay as in any other previous version of the game.

Game Features:

  • A heartwarming scandinavian story of monsters, magic and brotherly love.
  • Make your way through a stunningly beautiful world with handcrafted levels. From ancient temples to lush-green-forests.
  • Use your own hands to shape the environment to your will with the power of the Magic Marker to overcome obstacles and beat your enemies.
  • Run, jump, climb, draw and swing through Anotherworld in a frantic platformer.”

For more information on Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, visit its product page.

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