Mass O’ Kyzt Will Release in February 2, 2018

Mass O’ Kyzt Will Release in February 2, 2018

AlexHoratio has officially announced today that its 2D arena platformer Mass O’ Kyzt will be released on February 2, 2018 for Windows and Linux.

Check out the pre-release trailer of Mass O’ Kyzt, featuring some gameplay footage:

“When playing a video game, have you ever felt rail-roaded into specific and unsatisfying conventions? Have you ever thought that you were being unfairly driven to a particular outcome? Well, worry no more- Mass O’ Kyzt is here to fix that.

In this game, the player is encouraged to upgrade the small purple aliens that they vowed to destroy. That’s right- for once, the player is actually allowed to get weaker in the face of opposition, rather than stronger.

Choose exactly how to make the Kyzt stronger at the end of each wave- will you make them deal more damage? Will you make them faster? Will you increase their HP? That’s a decision that only you, dear reader, can make.

Along the way, unlock multiple environments, carefully hand-crafted levels and over 30 cosmetic skins. Each of these skins are unlocked via the completion of a unique task, which rewards the player with a totally new sprite for either the player character or any of the enemies in the game. If you consider yourself an achievement hunter, believe me when I tell you that this game has a lot of achievements to hunt.


You will be placed at a location specifically chosen by your administrators on the surface of planet Ky. From there, you must fight off hoards of Kyztlings – small, malleable aliens which obey no higher power than their Hive Master. 

Every so often, you are forced to decide between making your enemies stronger, faster or tougher. Whichever you choose will immediately augment the Kyzt forces, causing them to become more effective in their advances. 

Supplies are sparse on planet Ky, so it’s very difficult to get a chance to recover any damage that you take. However, Kyztlings are an excellent source of Special Energy. Special Energy won’t heal you, but it is able to be used as ammunition for more powerful shots. Some forms of Special Energy are known to have unusual effects on your weapon, so stay alert!

AlexHoratio is a sole developer who has never released a commercial product before now. Mass O’ Kyzt is their first foray into the industry.”

For more information on Mass O’ Kyzt, visit its Steam page.

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