Marvel’s Avengers is a “Full Action Adventure Campaign”

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have made it very clear that Marvel’s Avengers will be getting a live service model that will give players a large a large amount of content after the game’s launch. The game will feature a great co-op experience while having a strong single player core.

Creative Director Noah Hughes was asked during an interview with Wccftech, and didn’t answer that specifically, but it’s assumed to have tons of gameplay through their free service plan.

“We’re not talking about hours specifically. But we’re committed to having a full action adventure campaign. So even though we are expanding the game beyond launch, if you played Crystal Dynamics games in the past, the time it takes to get through the core campaign is often less than half of the content that you experience overall. There will be a lot of missions that are optional missions. And you can do them as you go along the campaign or you can wait till the end to sort of closeout, finish everything out. But there’s a lot of content. And it’s not unlike games we’ve made in the past in that sense. But in this game, we’ve promised that at no additional cost, you’ll get additional and you’ll get new heroes and regions is something extra to look forward to.”

Crystal Dynamics is known to provide plenty of content through The Tomb Raider games they’ve worked on. The only worry for the amount of new content is that the main game probably may not be as big as we are probably thinking, if that’s the case Cyrstal Dynamics will surely provide us with tons of post-launch content.

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