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Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Remake
Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Remake

Marvelous Announces Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Remake for Switch

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Switch owners and Story of Seasons (Harvest Moon) fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next title in the series – the crossover between the farming series and the manga series Doraemon, Doraemon Story of Seasons. While this new crossover title will be the first Story of Seasons title to hit the Switch, it appears another entry is gearing up for a Switch release, as well.

Marvelous has announced a new remake of the Game Boy Advanced title Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town heading over to the Switch – Story of Seasons: Reunion in Mineral Town. As of now, this new remake has only been announced for the Japanese region, but considering how popular the series has become in the west it wouldn’t be surprising to see the game head over seas.

Along with the Doraemon crossover there was speculation that a new Story of Seasons title was in development for the Switch. It seems as though this new remake could be the new title. The new remake is set to arrive on the Switch in Japan on October 17, 2019 with no word as of yet for a western release. Stay tuned for more details on a possible release of the game worldwide.

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Source: Famitsu via Gematsu

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