Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Update: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Confirmed

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Update: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Confirmed

As E3 comes close, a flurry of leaks from games intended to be announced at the event are making their way online. Alleged artwork from a Ubisoft game called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has emerged via a tweet that was apparently deleted. The Twitter user FatalFlowey acted fast enough to save this aforementioned image and reposted it for all to see:

WWG – a division of Comicbook, stated:

Here’s the full size version of the image:

This long-rumoured strategy RPG, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is currently scheduled for release in August and is set to debut at E3 in June.

Update (More key art leaked):

For more information on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, visit this articles’ source.

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