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Mario Golf
Mario Golf

Mario Golf Adds Toadette And New Donk City

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Mario Golf: Super Rush has been out since June and finally the invites that were lost in the mail to the relaxing golf game are starting to arrive. That is to say that Toadette, the female mushroom character with twin mushroom braids, is set to be joining the roster through a free update today. If you have been looking for a reason to return to the game, this update might offer just that.

On top of the addition of Toadette, a new map based on New Donk City is also being added through this update as well. This update also sees the addition of ranked matches. This will allow players to compete online against other players for ranking in either speed golf mode or standard mode. Players can earn monthly match points to try to place on the world rank chart. Players that place high enough can earn special color and customization options.

Toadette will be equipped with the ability to throw turnips at her opponents since cheating in Mario’s take on sports usually seems encouraged. She will also have a power move in which she switches out her goal club for a pickaxe, then slams the golf ball with authority. It appears that she should fit right in with all her friends on the green.

It is important to note that while Waluigi always seems to be painted as the odd man out, he was invited to this outing. In fact, even Toad was so it seems weird that he would just let them not invite Toadette like that, though maybe he doesn’t like the confusion their similar names might cause.

Mario Golf: Super Rush was given mixed reviews at launch, currently holding a 70 on Metacritic. Similar to many of the other sports outing the game embarks on it was praised for its arcade take on golfing but criticized for its limited content. It is great to see that they are offering free content to help continue and grow the game.

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