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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Now Available to Preload on Your 3DS

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Now Available to Preload on Your 3DS

Great news Nintendo Fans, as Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam is getting ready for release on January 22 2016, so pretty much within two weeks, if you pre-order the game starting today, you’ll be able to pre-load it to your 3DS and be able to play it midnight when it releases.

Mario Luigi: Paper Jam is the latest entry in the Mario & Luigi RPG series that started it’s beginnings with the Gameboy Advance game Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga and to this date has released 4 titles in the series.

Below is a trailer for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam:

I personally can’t wait for it, I beat Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and it was a fantastic game, hopefully this one will live up to the greatness Dream Team was to me.

“Paper Mario jumps out of a book and into the bizarre adventures of Mario & Luigi, resulting in hilarious, and dangerous, hijinks! Become the superstar team of Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario to take on quests, take down enemies, and untangle these two unique universes in this playful new entry in the Mario & Luigi series.


  • Characters from the Paper Mario universe – including Paper Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser and Toad – jump out of a book and into the world of Mario & Luigi, resulting in hilarious and dangerous hijinks, trademarks of the Mario & Luigi franchise.
  • Take advantage of Paper Mario‘s unique skills, like slipping through cracks, making copies of himself and folding himself up.
  • Take down Bowser’s army of dastardly villains, solve puzzles and embark on quests as a brand-new trio of heroes.
  • Got rhythm? Show off the moves of your giant papercraft by charging it up with dance and strut your way through battles with other giant papercrafts from Bowser’s army.”

Source Nintendo


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