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The Mandate Releases its First In-Game Video

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The Mandate Releases its First In-Game Video

The ground-breaking sci-fi RPG The Mandate, an adventure that takes place in the space, the final frontier… where in less than a five-year-mission, it created strange new worlds, new life and new civilizations. To boldly do what only Sid Meier has done before with his outstanding game Pirates!: create a living, open world RPG experience with different factions, demanding tactical battles and you as the captain of your hand-picked crew – your family.

Check out the first in-game video of The Mandate, featuring the universe in which the game will take place:

“During the development of The Mandate, Perihelion Interactive has faced many challenges, overcome numerous obstacles and is still up to the task. Following a stellar apperance at last week’s E3 in Los Angeles, Perhelion Interactive has released its first in-game pre-alpha gameplay teaser, and confirm that The Mandate is now charting a course for an early 2017 release.

In the far future, mankind abandoned the depleted Earth and became a martial, space faring civilization, colonizing habitable worlds and constructing travel lanes between them.

The governing force of the civilization has its roots in Russian industry: it is known as the Mandate; a reborn Tsarist Empire. As civilization continued to expand, corruption within the Mandate and dissent in the outer systems began to spread.

A change of rulers is always a difficult time. The Emperor fell unexpectedly ill and died under questionable circumstances. The military was recalled to his state funeral and the investiture of his successor -a young and inexperienced Empress who took the throne with limited political support. Seizing the moment, several systems announced their intention to break away from the Mandate. In this crisis, the Empress dispatched the Grand Fleet to restore order.

Shortly after their departure, reports filtered back that the travel lanes were being sabotaged. It is presumed this is part of a coup against the Empress, leaving her vulnerable without the protection of the fleets. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Empress founded The Corsairs, a new fleet captained by disgraced ex-Mandate officers jailed for breaching the Articles of War.  Reinstated under the promise of redemption, these veterans are the last hope of the Mandate.

You are a member of the Corsairs. With a small ship, you must move swiftly and make your way to the far reaches of Mandate space. Your mission – to discover the fate of the Grand Fleet and restore order to the outer systems.”

Matus Kirchmayer, CTO, Perihelion Interactive said:
“After many internal playtests, the team at Perihelion has decided to delay The Mandate until 2017. We want to ensure that we deliver an outstanding experience for all players who love space games as much as we do, and always saw themselves in the the role of Captain Kirk, Admiral Adama or Mal Reynolds. To achieve this, Perihelion Interactive will take all the time it needs and release the game when it’s done.“

For more information on The Mandate, visit its official website.

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