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Her Majesty’s Spiffing Unveiled for Switch

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Her Majesty’s Spiffing Unveiled for Switch

Billy Goat Entertainment announced that Her Majesty’s Spiffing – the jovial point-and-click adventure charging players with establishing a new Galactic British Empire – will be making the leap to Nintendo’s all-conquering Switch on February 2nd 2018.

Check out the Nintendo Switch trailer of Her Majesty’s Spiffing, featuring some gameplay footage:

“It’s wet, it’s cold, it’s windy, it’s January. It’s little wonder that, at this particularly damp and dreary time of year, the little box in our living room is continually displaying ads showcasing summer holidays (that’s English for “vacations”, for our international audience). Images tantalisingly offering a chance to taste the sun, sea, and sangria flood our senses.

Of course, the more sophisticated traveller understands that, to escape those New Year blues, one is required to switch it up a tad. The real adventures are out there in – as Hollywood legend Tim Curry would so eloquently put it – “…ssspace!”

Having already made its mark on PS4 and Xbox One (winning the prestigious Culture and Heritage Award courtesy of The Independent Games Developers Association) it’s now Nintendo Switch’s turn to play host to the weird and delightfully witty tale of ol’ Blighty venturing off into the stars, using whatever ragtag craft it can get its hands on!

Switch gamers will now be able to take charge of Captain Frank Lee English in their living rooms or on the go as he (along with his insightful Welsh colleague, Aled) takes to the stars on board the HMSS Imperialise in this modern interpretation of a classic point-and-click. All while sipping cups of tea and, of course, antagonising the French.

In Her Majesty’s SPIFFING (that’s the Special Planetary Investigative Force For Inhabiting New Galaxies) players will be charged with solving both mental and physical puzzles, all the while being rewarded with a sharp and witty script that subtly analyses British national identity in a typically humble fashion. At least, that’s what our lawyers have told us to say.

“People should buy SPIFFING because I overdid it at Christmas and could do with the cash,” says William Barr, Writer of the game and Director of Belfast-based studio, Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd.

“The game takes inspiration from/plagiarises everything from Monty Python to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In short, it’s about as British as a game can be, in that it deftly undermines everything we hold dear about this damp collection of islands from beginning to end.”

After a successful Kickstarter campaign Billy Goat Entertainment commenced development of Her Majesty’s SPIFFING in November 2014 with the support of Northern Ireland Screen.

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING will launch on the eShop for Nintendo Switch on February 2nd 2018.”

For more information on Her Majesty’s Spiffing, visit its Steam page.

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