Machine Knight is Available Now for the Nintendo 3DS

KEMCO announced today the release of their RPG Machine Knight for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in the Nintendo eShop. Standard prices are USD 9.99 / EUR 9.99 / GBP 8.99 / AUD 13.00.

Check out the official trailer of Machine Knight, featuring some gameplay footage:


To save his dying world from energy shortages Frain travels through a mysterious gate in an attempt to find a solution. Waiting for him there, however, are treachery and betrayal. Despite this, two heroines, Bell the priestess and the spirited Aulin, support Frain through his troubles. Frain, more determined than ever, sets out with his two new companions to defeat the dark forces and save the world beyond the gate!

Maximize character potential through the Machina Board. By using points earned through battles and completing quests you can change classes and power up skills.

Find items hidden throughout towns and castles, complete various subquests, crawl through vast dungeons, and scour the world for hidden areas containing rare items and craft materials!

A fantastical sci-fi adventure awaits!


  • Turn-based battles with a first-person battle view!
  • New character design!
  • Maximise character potential through the Machina Board!
  • Change classes and power up skills as you like!
  • Complete various subquests, crawl through vast dungeons, and scour the world for hidden areas containing rare items and craft materials!


KEMCO is a game publisher based in Higashihiroshima (Japan) who specializes in game apps for handheld gaming devices such as iPhone, Android or Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Our focus lies in the production of high-quality Japanese-style RPGs (JRPGs), which blend tradition and innovation. Thanks to our firm partnership with outsourcing developing companies, we pride ourselves on firm game development which realizes monthly new releases on a variety of platforms.

As a publisher, we are increasingly translating our game catalog into languages other than Japanese in order to make them available worldwide. Having strong connections with major gaming media and platform carriers, our games are already well-known among countries all over the world; nevertheless we are confident in our ability to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with media outlets and developers from across the world who share our belief in the potential of JRPGs, and who understand the appeal of these games.

We at KEMCO are always on the lookout for potential new markets for our extensive range of JRPGs, welcoming any suggestions regarding new markets or hardware platforms which will allow us to reach even more potential JRPG fans. In addition, we are experts in interface design, localization and testing for mobile apps, readily taking on consultation or quality assurance work. We store all kind of mobile devices from Japanese mobile phone carriers.

For more information on Machine Knight, visit its official website.