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Looney Rally
Looney Rally

Looney Rally Will be Released on March 20th

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Looney Rally Will be Released on March 20th

The indie Bulgarian development studio BeshevGames announced today, that Looney Rally is going to be released sooner than initially thought. The new release date is March 20th. Not only that, but the developer put some more features in it.

Check out the official trailer of Looney Rally, featuring some gameplay footage:

The developer, Kaloyan, stated that: “I thought that it would take me more time to finish the game, but work on it was going so well, that I put some more features in it like leaderboards, vehicle color customization and upgrades and now I am making a 3D model for a bonus vehicle, fingers crossed”.

“The game looks as if it will throw us back in the late 1990’s, early 2000’s, before there was even Steam, when racing games were a big thing and we all waited for the next one to be released.

When asked what the price of the game will be Kaloyan said: “I think $2.99 is a fair price. Games should not be expensive(if possible), they are meant for fun and more people should be able to afford them. If the game is good, people will buy it. I am a single developer, I can afford to release it at that price”.

About the game

Get behind the wheel of a racing rally car or a truck and go head to head against other rival AI racers in gorgeous locations, from the hot unforgiving desert, to the icy mountains or volcanic island. Climb hills, race down slopes, speed through obstacles and beat the other AI players. Do you have what it takes to win all races, become first and unlock new locations and vehicles? 

Each race earns you points, which you can spend on cars and tracks. Try to collect the most pickups to increase your overall awarded points after each race. 

The cars take damage, if you’re low on vehicle health your engine will explode. But fear not, harder race tracks have pickups, which will restore your car by 50%. If you’re low on health just go through one such pickup and fix your vehicle.

The game features leaderboards for each level, meaning you can compare your time against that of everyone else. Try to get as higher in the rankings as you possibly can.
Be careful of which vehicle you choose for the different tracks. Some cars or trucks are better suited for the given track, while others, even though faster, will not be the best choice. Choose wisely!

Want to climb higher in the leaderboards? Give your car some boost. Upgrade your engine and downforce. This will improve your car’s speed, acceleration and grip, meaning you’ll take those turns faster, reducing your overall time. 

Looney Rally is my remastered game, which I initially made for mobile devices. I have made numerous changes, bug fixes and optimizations make it available to PC players. New vehicle physics, better opponents, higher frame rates, new collectables, more visual effects, custom music for each race track and updated graphics.”

For more information on Looney Rally, visit its Steam page.

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