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Downhill Launcher
Downhill Launcher

Lonely Mountains: Downhill will be Launching in October

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Thunderful Publishing and Megagon Industries ha announced the official release date for their downhill biking game, Lonely Mountains: Downhill. That’s right, the downhill biking game is set to launch on Oct 23rd, 2019 on Xbox One, Steam,  and PlayStation 4 starting at $19.99.

You can check out the trailer here:

According to Megagon Industries:

We’re super excited to finally have the finish line in sight. Thanks to all our Kickstarter backers for their patience and for staying with us on the ride. We’re really looking forward to see if our leaderboard times can last longer than a day.” says Daniel Helbig, co-founder and one of the three devs from Megagon Industries. “

The game is about you on top of a mountain trail while trying to explore the mountain and get back down. If you’re fast enough, you can compete for the fastest time against others on the leaderboards. Maybe you will find everything on this Lonely mountain as well and attempt to not crash when you reach the bottom. If you can do that I’ll applaud you.

The game will also introduce a new Night mode which will turn the game into nighttime and arms you with only a headlight in front of your bike. Not only does it add a challenge, but it makes things a little more fun.

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