For a Limited Time, Venom is Playable in Marvel Heroes Omega on Consoles

Last week, Venomverse #1 kicked off one of the biggest symbiote events in the history of Marvel comics. To honor the occasion, Gazillion introduces playable Venom to Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One—but for a limited time!

Check out the trailer of Marvel Heroes Omega, announcing that Venom will be playable for a limited time:

“Ending on Thursday, Sept. 28, the Lethal Protector brings his own brand of anti-heroism to consoles as the game’s 42nd playable character. He’s only available through the “Marvel Heroes Omega Venom Pack,” which can be purchased in the PlayStation®Store and Xbox® Marketplace. The pack includes Venom, two XP boosts, two Marvelous Loot Boxes, and an alternate suit representing another popular symbiote persona for Eddie Brock: Anti-Venom!”

For more information on Marvel Heroes Omega, visit its official website.