Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Gets New Gameplay Details

Publisher SEGA and developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio released new details for the upcoming action adventure game Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. This includes the Pokemon-like minigame Sugimon as well as several a new job. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will launch on January 26, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store.

The full details via the publisher:


Collect Sujimon and train them to battle! Aim to be the top Sujimon Master!

All around the city, dangerous individuals known as Sujimon run rampant. In Sujimon Battles, you’ll lead these Sujimon into 3-on-3 competitions as their trainer!

Befriend and train up the various Sujimon of Hawaii to create your ultimate team. Duke it out with the fiercest trainers and strive to dethrone the reigning champions of the Sujimon battle world: the Discreet Four and the Sujimon Master!

As you progress through the Sujimon battle storyline, a new job, Sujimancer, will be unlocked. Once you become a Sujimancer, you’ll be able to equip your Sujimon and summon them into actual combat. The stronger your Sujimon are, the more powerful your Sujimancer skills will be.


1. Snag Some Sujimon!

After you’ve finished a battle on the streets of Hawaii, you’ll sometimes have the opportunity to recruit a Sujimon.

You’ll successfully recruit them if you sincerely offer a Suji Gift and they accept it. Take advantage of every opportunity to recruit allies!

There are also raids, where those confident in their strength gather to fight. Defeating a Sujimon in a raid means you’re guaranteed a chance to recruit them! Raids will vanish after a while, so try your best not to miss out on them.

One more method is to try your luck at the Sujimon Gacha spots existing around Hawaii, where you can use cash or gacha tickets to get Sujimon.


2. Sujimon Battles!

Sujimon battles are three-versus-three head-on competitions! As a trainer, Kasuga gives commands to his Sujimon to try and defeat the opposing team.

Sujimon have five different types, each with different affinities. Find a team strategy that suits you, whether that be balancing your team, trying out a highly specialized one, or anything in between.

Boost ally morale with strategic commands and unleash their special attacks to bring victory within reach!


3. Here Are Two of the Many Available Sujimon!

Soothes his allies with the timbre of his beloved ukulele, and occasionally wields it as a blunt instrument. A healer Sujimon who spends his winnings on ukulele repairs.

A super-heavyweight fighter whose physique not unlike an iron wall gives off an air of dignity to any who behold him. Despite his appearance, his movements are sharp, with a powerful spinning kick serving as his special attack.


4. Train Those Sujimon!

The Sujimon that join your team can be trained through strengthening, awakening, and evolution. To strengthen your Sujimon, give them some Sujimunch, a nutritional drink uniquely designed for Sujimon.

Awakening occurs when you feed a Sujimon another of their same species, which unlocks their potential and enhances their parameters.

Furthermore, when you repeatedly awaken the same Sujimon and push them to the limit of their potential, they just might evolve. Train your favorite Sujimon to build up the ultimate team!

Sujimon on Dondoko Island

If you decide to bring Dondoko Island back to life, you will be able to use a facility called Dondoko Farm. There, you can train the Sujimon you befriended in Hawaii to raise their levels.

Sujimon also play a part in the revival of Dondoko Island by growing crops and earning money that can be used on the island. As Sujimon work and train, their faith in Kasuga will increase, allowing him to play a more active part in Sujimon battles.

Utilize Dondoko Farm to help revive the island and train your Sujimon.


New Jobs

Ichiban Kasuga-Exclusive Job: Sujimancer

A unique battle style that harnesses the power of trained Sujimon to fight.

The Sujimancer job allows Kasuga to summon various Sujimon, giving him a range of different options in combat. The job is unique in that it grows stronger for every Sujimon you train and nurture.

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