Lightbulb Crew Announces Othercide for PC

Lightbulb Crew Announces Othercide for PC

Lightbulb Crew, the PC and console indie developer based in Paris, revealed its brand-new title: Othercide. The game will be presented to the press for the first time at Gamescom this year.

Check out the announcement teaser trailer of Othercide, featuring an animated teaser video:

About the game

Othercide is a horror themed tactical turn-based game set in an esoteric world beyond our reality. The game will place the player in control of female warriors, in a desperate struggle to push back nightmarish creatures and prevent reality from shattering.

Using only black, white and touch of red, the game will drag players into a whole new universe for the genre, to experience a journey through a strange and unknown world, a world that lays behind the mirror of their own minds.

About Lightbulb Crew

Lightbulb Crew is an independent video game studio located in both France and Sweden. Composed of talented and passionate game developers, the studio has at heart to create new, fun and challenging experiences for strategy and tactical fans.”

For more information on Othercide, visit its official website. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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