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Life is Strange 2 Final 3 Episodes' Dates
Life is Strange 2 Final 3 Episodes' Dates

Life is Strange 2 Remaining Episodes Release Dates Announced

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While the Life is Strange sequel has shown players the power of a true bond between brothers and peculiar telekinesis abilities, players have only been able to play through the first two episode since the game’s debut back in September 2018. However, the final three episodes of the saga’s roadmap has been revealed in a lengthy schedule that will take us through the remainder of the year.

In a tweet from the game’s official Twitter page, Life is Strange 2 will stretch its riveting story throughout 2019 by releasing each of the next episodes every few months. Next up is episode 3 titled ‘Wastelands’ and will land on May 9. Followed by the fourth episode on August 22, and closing out with episode 5 releasing on December 3. The final two episodes official titles have yet to be revealed.

Developers DONTNOD Entertainment have created a compelling world within the Life is Strange universe, combining a troubled world amidst teenagers with supernatural, fate-shifting powers.

Life is Strange 2 currently has its first two episodes available, along with a free-to-play short title ‘The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit’ which acts as a sort of prologue to Life is Strange 2.

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