Lethal League Blaze is Coming to Consoles in 2019

Team Reptile announced the release date of the sequel to their hit game Lethal League, called Lethal League Blaze. The game will launch next month on Steam on October 24th. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions will be coming in spring 2019.

Check out the official trailer of Lethal League Blaze, featuring some gameplay footage and an exclusive track by Hideki Naganuma:

Hideki Naganuma will be joining the already wild cast of artists on the soundtrack, including Frank Klepacki, Pixelord and many others.

About Lethal League Blaze

Lethal League is a projectile-fighting game known for it’s ridiculous speeds and hitstun. The original game amassed tens of millions of views on youtube. For this installment, Team Reptile upped their game using 3D graphics (best seen in the zoomed-in K.O’s) and new modes like the event-based ‘story mode’ and something called Lethal Volley. There’s double the amount of characters at launch and more on the way post-release.

Gameplay has also seen additions, with a grab move that allows you to pitch the ball back and directly counter your opponent’s defense. The new HP setting will see you reach even higher speeds before getting knocked out and as if there wasn’t enough chaos, there’s an option for all new ball power-ups to really mess you up.


  • Up to 4 player madness:
    Play locally AND online with up to 4 players. Turn on power-ups to really get the chaos going.
  • Modes and modes:
    Play Free-For-All, Strikers, Teams, Lethal Volley or step up to the plate by yourself and try the Arcade mode or the event-based Story mode.
  • Online multiplayer:
    Discover the true competitive gameplay and invite friends for a Private Match or head straight into a Quick Match.
  • Banging beats:
    An off the wall soundtrack containing the likes of Hideki Naganuma, Frank Klepacki, Pixelord, Bignic and, of course, Klaus Veen and more.

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