LEGO Horizon Adventures

LEGO Horizon Adventures is Releasing on Switch To Focus on a “Family-Friendly” Audience

In a recent report from Game File, LEGO Horizon Adventures Narrative Director James Windeler was asked why the upcoming game is the first PlayStation first-party IP title that’s coming to Switch but not other consoles. He responded by saying that it is due to Sony’s desire to appeal “to a much broader audience, including a family-friendly audience and a younger audience.” Despite this, he also added that the team is “very much focused on pushing this hardware to its limits and making this game look as absolutely amazing as it can possibly be on this hardware,” but that they “don’t really have anything to announce about Xbox right now.”  LEGO Horizon Adventures will launch sometime this holiday season for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

LEGO Horizon Adventures details:

In a far future, where giant mechanized beasts roam a landscape reclaimed by nature and humans live in primitive tribes, an ancient evil seeks to destroy the world…

Join hunter Aloy as she leads a colorful crew of heroes on a quest to save the meadows, forests, and mountains of Earth from a man called Helis, who leads a gang of sunworshippers that follow an Ancient Evil shrouded in mystery.

Dive into a thrilling adventure alone, or with friends with couch co-op or online play, customize your home in true LEGO style, and uncover stunning secrets from Aloy’s mysterious past along the way.

Key Features

The LEGO Adventure of a Lifetime – Explore the much-loved world of Horizon and come face-to-face with the game’s awe-inspiring machines—all faithfully recreated in LEGO bricks.
Getting the Team Together – Experience thrilling online and couch co-op action with friends and family.1
Customize Your Home and Your Characters – Enjoy an exciting mix of action, exploration, customization and laugh-out-loud LEGO humor.
For LEGO and Horizon Fans New and Old – Engage in explosive combat with spectacular weapons, power-ups, and gadgets.

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