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Lead Producer for Dragon Age 4, Fernando Melo, Exits Bioware

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Bioware’s development team loses another big team member as the lead producer for the upcoming sequel, Dragon Age 4, has left the studio. Fernando Melo issued a tweet that revealed his departure from Bioware after 12 years of contributing to the successful Dragon Age series.

Fernando Melo was taking on the role of lead producer for the upcoming Dragon Age 4 which is still in the middle of development. Melo also worked on other previous Dragon Age title, such as the Senior Producer for Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

While there’s not much known on the upcoming Dragon Age sequel at the moment, Melo didn’t let his departure from the studio hinder the hype for the upcoming title. Mel expressed that he is looking forward to playing the new Dragon Age title as a fan rather than a creator and that Dragon Age 4 will be “the definitive Dragon Age experience.”

It was made clear that Melo was leaving on his own terms in order to explore what lies ahead for the next chapter in his career. Earlier this week, the Anthem team from Bioware lost lead Ben Irving who moved on to another game company – although which game company has not been specified.

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