Lead the Pack in Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare

Lead the Pack in Armored Warfare

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and global publisher My.com presents the special edition “Wolf Pack vehicles” coming to Armored Warfare, featuring four of the most renowned steel machines of total destruction. These war vehicles will tear enemies to shreds and are available in celebration of Armored Warfare’s latest update 0.14.

Watch the video introducing the Wolf Pack:

Armored Warfare’s Wolf Pack vehicles feature a unique look (bloodthirsty red stripes on deep black with Wolf’s emblem), created especially for this limited time offer. On top of the awe inspiring graphics, these vehicles come fully upgraded with maximum level crews and premium status. The pack containing the Centauro 120, Challenger 1, BMD-2, and Wiesel 1 will go on sale as part of the coming update and will be available for purchase individually.

Features included with update 0.14:

  • : Playing a recording of a match will allow players to view everything from the perspective of the replay creator. Players can pause, play or stop their recording, as well as increase or decrease the speed at which they want the match to replay. Additionally, players can spectate specific vehicles or seamlessly switch into a free-cam observer mode.
  • : A brand new PvP map, literally raising the stakes of modern conflict.
  • : Operations Albatross, and Cerberus will pose new threats for players teaming up in Armored Warfare’s co-operative gameplay mode.
  • : Based on player feedback, a number of unpopular elements of high-tier gameplay will be addressed.

Download Armored Warfare for free today, visit: aw.my.com.

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