The new PSVR dolphin adventure title from Tigertron, Jupiter & Mars, received a glowing launch trailer today in order to get underwater enthusiasts excited about the new journey to restore the ocean.

You can check out the all-new trailer for PSVR title below:

The new game has players diving deep into the underwater aquatic life that sends players on a journey given to them by the mysterious ancient whale race, The Elders. Destined to clean up the oceanic environment, the PSVR tech allows players to fully engage within the vibrantly colorful world.

“While it’s playable in both VR and without, experiencing Jupiter & Mars in virtual reality is really something special. We set out to do something different with the video game medium; to stimulate discussion and share a positive message. As it is said in the game, ‘There is always a tomorrow, and with every tomorrow there is always hope.’” – James Mielke, Tigertron

Jupiter & Mars is set for release tomorrow, April 23, 2019 exclusively for the PS4 with VR support.

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