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Last Stitch Goodnight
Last Stitch Goodnight

Last Stitch Goodnight is Available Now on Steam and PS4

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Last Stitch Goodnight is Available Now on Steam and PS4

It was announced by Well Bred Rhino, that Last Stitch Goodnight has launched for Steam and PS4! In Last Stitch Goodnight, you find yourself captured by a mad doctor who is intent on learning the origin of life.

Check out the launch trailer of Last Stitch Goodnight, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The only path to freedom is to battle your way through well trained soldiers, deranged experiments, and surprisingly efficient office temps.  But what good is a lead pipe against a giant BirthBot that keeps eating scraps from the recycle bin to make new drones?  You’ll need to think fast and use your weapons as more than just bludgeons, using them instead as tools to solve puzzles and outthink your foes.

Last Stitch Goodnight exists thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that gave it a perfect soundtrack from Fat Bard, tons of new side quests, weird characters, and odd tools.  When you find the laser pointer in the game, which can be used to distract enemies in a cat-like fashion, you’ll see the mark Kickstarter left.

“Last Stitch Goodnight is a six year long passion project born from a love of games, a love of story, and a love of sheer existence.” said Ben Cook, lead designer of Well Bred Rhino.  “It is built to challenge you and inspire you, all while having fun exploring the doctor’s maniacal science.”

Last Stitch Goodnight is rated “T” for Teen.”

For more information on Last Stitch Goodnight, visit its Steam page.

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