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Two New
Two New

Konami is Set to Reveal Two New Games For Nintendo Switch at E3 2018

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Konami is Set to Reveal Two New Games For Nintendo Switch at E3 2018

The Japanese firm has two unannounced titles that they plan to unveil at E3 2018. The two new games are listed on Konami’s official page on the E3 2018 website, with one stated to be an ‘action/adventure’ and the other a ‘compilation’.

Konami, with the exception of a few titles such as Super Bomberman R, is one of the few developers to show a continued investment in Nintendo Switch, but this could be about to change with these unannounced titles coming to the Nintendo Switch.

There aren’t any details about these titles available at the moment, so Konami are leaving players left to wonder what they could be planning. Players could be seeing a compilation of classic hits from the firm’s past, since the Switch has become a retro powerhouse since launch, after all.

Or maybe, a Metal Gear title could be making its way to Nintendo yet again. Of course, this would be mean that Hideo Kojima won’t be involved, but still, it would be a welcome addition to the Switch’s library (especially considering a number of Metal Gear titles have made their way to fellow handheld PS Vita over the years). But players will have to wait until next week and the Nintendo Direct: E3 2018 broadcast to learn more.

About Konami

The Konami Group has pursued business opportunities in the segments of Digital Entertainment, Amusement, Gaming & Systems, and Health & Fitness, in the two business sectors of “entertainment” and “health.”

We make it our mission to help build healthier lifestyles for all of our customers by providing top-quality products and services in each of these business segments.

Ever since its foundation in 1969, the Konami Group has strived to keep delivering fresh new fun and excitement, by globally providing innovative products and services that reflect the needs of the times.

The Konami Group will continue working together as one to take on new challenges while living up to your trust and expectations.”

For more information on Konami, visit its official website. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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