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Konami Announces New IP Called Crimesight

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It was announced that Konami has more in the works than simply a playtest for the upcoming Pes 2022. No, it is not secretly a new Silent Hill game, it is actually a new IP called Crimesight. It is a multiplayer crime game where players must find “not only the culprit but the victim as well”.

The game takes place on a virtual board, similar to the game Clue. A character plays an AI named Sherlock, which is designed to solve crimes. On the flip side, an AI by the name of Moriarty attempts to help the villain commit the perfect murder. The game offers 2-4 player multiplayer, with other players falling on the side of Sherlock.

According to the official website, the story for the game is as follows:

London, 2075, a time where serious crimes can be predicted, thanks to an analytical programme developed using data harvested online. The result: a 90% drop in such criminal activity across the globe. Until, that is, the system predicts a crime that could irrevocably plunge the world into chaos. This alarming discovery leaves the system’s architects little choice but to act. They pour their resources into developing an AI whose sole purpose is to investigate and prevent this apocalyptic crime.Sherlock. Named after the legendary enigmatic detective of fiction, this AI’s raison d’être is investigation. He alone has the ability to unravel the truth from a twisted web of mysteries. And like the spider that sits motionless in the centre of its web, he awaits the arrival of the only prey equal to his abilities—Moriarty, a criminal mastermind.

While there is currently no release date for the game, a closed beta is currently in the signup period.

Last year marked one of the most profitable years for the game division of Konami. While the company had stepped away from traditional games in recent years, favoring mobile games and Pachinko, the company has begun to return to traditional development albeit with smaller games.

The company also has a remake of the 1987 game GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon in the works, slated for 2022.

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